SCP34: Special Easter Lily

In this episode, we feature Part 2- of a 2-part interview with Sherry Boas, author of the Lily Trilogy.; discussed news story from Special Olympics- adopt a duck for SOILL; SO Athlete & Dominick’s employee Inspires Support for SOILL; News- Down Syndrome Day and UN; Oldest Man with Down Syndrome Lives to 83; Spread the Word to End the Word; Listener Feedback and encourages  you to send in your feedback; Lots of exciting guests and interviews coming soon on the podcast!

Final Song: “Pencil in the Hand” By Popple, available through

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  • Podcast Theme music: “Come On” by Ethan Neslun and Omorro Hogan
  • Final Song: “Pencil in the Hand” By Popple, available through
  • Spread the Word to End the Word/Movie/end of show segments bumper/Outro tag background music: Courtesy of Popple

Episode Photo Credit: Photo of Sherry and daughter Teressa, Credit to Nancy Fister Gonzales

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